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“Gone are the days of being put through the wringers by the local government, Private Building Surveyors like myself can now assess and approve your applications quickly and with a minimum of fuss”

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James Terenciuk- Founder & Director of Perth Building Surveyor,   has been working as a private building consultant for many years. With extensive industry expertise, James and his professional team will provide you with the quickest way to get your project approved within no time.

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Our vision

At Perth Building Surveyor we value superior quality customer service, a healthy and positive work environment and the use of energy efficient technology to achieve our Purpose and Objective.

Our Objective

Our objective is to strive to be continually involved in the construction of quality of environmentally responsible developments by providing savings, expert technical advice, and quality reliable customer service that consistently fulfills and exceeds expectations.

Our Purpose

In delivering consistent professional and full value service is to enthusiastically pursue new and existing customers who will become Perth Building Surveyor customers for life.

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Perth Building Surveyor is the right choice for first time and experienced building professionals looking for a professional provider to get their project approved.

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